August 2016

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Oakland Raiders Las Vegas stadium renderingLooks like momentum is gathering for the Oakland Raiders to possibly make the move to Las Vegas in what could become the second big pro sports franchise for the gambling capital of the world.

While it’s still a long way off and nothing is finalized, the wheels are certainly in motion for the Raiders to join the NHL expansion franchise (which is still to be named) as Vegas’ two major sports teams. So far, the Raiders have applied to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to trademark the “Las Vegas Raiders” name. Also too, applications have been made for other items and merchandise for naming rights of the franchise in Vegas.

Raiders owner Mark Davis had originally planned on moving the Raiders from Oakland to Los Angeles, but the NFL denied the

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Las Vegas Riviera Hotel in 1955

After 60 years, the last remnants of the Riviera Hotel and Casino Towers were put to rest. The implosion took place at 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, August 16. The crowd of spectators were scrambling to to capture the footage as there was very little notice of the actual demolition moment. The Riviera dates back to 1955 and will go down in history, captured in several Hollywood movies including Ocean's 11, Hangover and the latest Jason Bourne.

The purpose of the demolition? To expand the booming Las Vegas Convention Center.

View the Fox news video of the Riviera Tower implosion:

Video - Las Vegas Riviera Implosion of Casino Towers

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