August 2021

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Top selling Summerlin condos in 2021

At one time, you were hard-pressed to find a condo to buy in Summerlin. But, over the past few years, the condo/townhome market in Summerlin has been steadily growing and has resulted in a desirable location for maintenance-free housing. Whether you're seeking an age qualified building, an ultra-luxury condo, or just entering the real estate market, there are properties here to suit every lifestyle.

Summerlin condo residents also have the benefit of a plethora of amenities, parks, schools and recreation facilities that Summerlin is famous for. Use our guide to navigate the 2021 Summerlin condo market and read more about:

  • Snapshot of 2021 Summerlin Condo & Townhome Trends
  • List of Popular condos and townhomes in Summerlin by price

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