Tivoli Village Shopping Directory, Las Vegas, NV

Tivoli Village is an enchanting outdoor shopping mall located adjacent to the thriving Summerlin community. Renowned for its stunning Italian-style architecture, which exudes old-world elegance and charm. Tivoli Village has a captivating atmosphere ambiance, making it a perfect destination for a romantic evening out or a gathering of friends. A busy event calendar with activities ranging from dancing, yoga to a farmer's market create a sense of community and provide an opportunity for visitors to engage in fun and memorable experiences. Read more below

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A - B

Ada's Food + Wine 702-462-2795 Al Solito Posto 702-463-6781
Ameli Dadourian Heart Center 702-906-1100
Basner Fine Art 702-478-7621 BauTeam German Kitchen Tailors 800-700-7725
Black Star Investments, LLC N/A BluIP 866-443-6494

C - D

Cenegenics Las Vegas 866-240-0035 Center For Sight 702-724-2020
Cupkates by Kate 702-439-3266
D'Annata Boutique 702-457-4457 Dance With Me Studio 702-710-1100
David Tupaz American Couture 818-812-0967 De Castroverde Law Group 702-222-9999
Desert Valley Gallery 702-476-0767 Duetto 415-910-3489
Dunbar | LEV Group 855-538-6227

E - F

Echo & Rig Butcher & Steakhouse 702-489-3525 El Dorado Cantina 702-333-1112
Event Co & Gifts 702-715-4006
First American Title Insurance 866-505-9107

G - H

Hop Nuts Brewing 702-749-3232 Hub Modern 702-863-1757

I - J

Jeff White Custom Jewelry 702-220-9099 Joeleene 702-640-0669

K - L

Kilo Club 702-331-7773 KS Kitchen And Bath Studio 702-985-8153
L Makeup Institute 702-685-9298 La Casa Cigars and Lounge 702-407-1171
Leone Café 702-684-5853 Lexicon Bank 702-780-7700
Lifestyle AVI 702-673-2029

M - N

Matriarch 702-265-5542 MBF Photography 702-742-7297
Merrill Lynch | Bank of America 702-341-2000 Milkcow Café 702-331-3336
Murchinson & Cummings LLP 702-360-3956 National Merchant Association Coming Soon
Nevada Headache Institute 702-432-3224 Northcap 702-333-4455

O - P

Osi Body Fit 702-541-0687 Perlman Architects 702-979-9900
Perspire Sauna N/A PKWY Tavern 702-722-2000
Pressed Juicery 702-333-0609 Prime Trust 702-840-4000

Q - R

Regus 702-233-5700 Restoration Hardware (RH) 775-464-0770


Sklar Williams PLLC 702-360-6000 STITCHED 702-816-3660
Stretch Lab 702-758-8810 Summerlin Dental 702-228-2218


The NOW Massage 702-847-6760 The Shade Store 702-728-2526

U - V

Valyou Furniture 888-913-2008 VASARI 702-597-9500
VISPRING | Las Vegas Luxury Beds 855-589-2327

Shopping & Dining at Tivoli Village

One of the main highlights of Tivoli Village is its diverse selection of outdoor shopping and dining options. Visitors can explore a mix of unique retail stores and services, offering a wide range of products, from boutique fashion and home decor to specialty gifts.

For those seeking a delightful culinary adventure, Tivoli Village boasts an array of delicious restaurants. Whether you're looking for a fine dining experience to create lasting memories, or simply want to relax and enjoy a leisurely meal with friends, the variety of dining options will cater to all tastes and preferences. Additionally, you can unwind with a delightful latte at one of the charming cafes and indulge in some people-watching as you soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

With its captivating ambiance and diverse offerings, Tivoli Village is an ideal destination for a night out with friends or a romantic date night. Whether you're exploring the charming shops, savoring delectable meals, or partaking in lively events at the Piazza, Tivoli Village promises a delightful and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

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