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A casita or inlaw suite can be a real asset in any home. In Las Vegas, homes with casitas are becoming increasingly popular. If you're fortunate enough to be purchasing a new home, you can have a say in the design aspects of your casita or inlaw suite. If it's an existing home, you may have to renovate to get exactly what you want. Either way, here are some important points to consider if you're looking for a secondary living space in your house.
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Be informed and understand your local municipality's requirements and zoning laws for in-law suites. Are you allowed to add a full kitchen, or just a microwave? Will you need a separate heating system for your casita? It's better to know the rules before your buy, or renovate.


Make your suite wheelchair accessible right from the start, especially if you know that an elderly person will be occupying the space. It's much easier than having to do major construction down the road. Use the same considerations when you decorate. That long plush carpet may seem like a good idea, but it's cumbersome for anyone in a wheelchair.

Other things to consider include:

  • a full size shower instead of a tub
  • wide doorways
  • minimal steps into the suite
  • handrails


Adequate storage space can be a challenge with any secondary living space. Make sure that you've allowed for closets, linen space and extra storage areas. Make efficient use of all your nooks and crannies. That extra space under the stairs is wasted until you close it in and transform it into a storage area.

Natural Light

This casita will be someone's full time home, and it's important they are comfortable. Especially in the case of a basement suite, ensure there is adequate natural light and opening windows for fresh air.

In this design by the Troop Groop in Pasadena Estate, California, they've used an entire exterior wall as a sliding door/window looking out into the backyard.

Pasadena Estate, California

This Austin home by Risinger Homes used a similar idea for their guest house.

Travis Heights - Guest House

Outdoor Space

Everyone needs some sort of outdoor space of their own. Allow for a small patio, or fenced off area of the yard, and a private parking space.

Shared Space

Will there be shared spaces in the home, or is the casita completely self-sufficient? Sharing kitchen, laundry, extra entrances, or outdoor living space can be intrusive, so ensure everyone knows the rules from the start. Especially in the case of shared family household, privacy and integration of spaces are important considerations.

Leslie specializes in Las Vegas Homes with Casitas, so whether you're buying or selling, you owe it to yourself to work with a Las Vegas realtor who is an expert in this area.

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