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Las Vegas Property Prices and Sales NumbersThe local report from the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors show Las Vegas property prices and sales for residential real estate in southern Nevada remained steady. That’s more good news for both sellers and buyers as activity continues to be brisk during the typical busy summer months.

 The GLVAR reported the median home price for properties sold via the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was $211,250; an 8.3% increase from 12 months ago when the price was $195,000. Townhomes and condominiums sold for an average of $112,000, representing a 9.8% increase from last May.

 The one word I can use to describe the southern Nevada real estate market over the past year or so is steady. We had a real surge in sales for March and April then a leveling off

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North Las Vegas Homes for Sale with Swimming PoolsYour own private oasis in the desert awaits at 3304 Brayton Mist Dr North Las Vegas 89081. From the moment you step foot on the property you’ll notice the quality construction and move-in readiness of this 1,876 square foot two-story home in Shadow Springs. You’ll love the exterior as you enter the back yard and take in the in-ground pool surrounded by upgraded tile. Whether you are entertaining guests or simply enjoying the water with a cool drink and a book, this home offers an excellent quality of life for just $185,000. The covered patio provides plenty of functional outdoor space and protection from the sun. You’ll spend plenty of evenings outside grilling up your favorite foods or watching the kids splash in the water.

North Las Vegas Home with

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Fox News Las Vegas Real Estate Show with Bob MassiIn the past few years the Las Vegas Real Estate market has garnered a lot of media attention of the unwanted variety. But in a complete 180-degree turnaround, Fox News will be debuting a new Las Vegas real estate show titled “Bob Massi is the Property Man.”

Now whether you’re a fan of the polarizing Fox News channel or not is irrelevant. The point is, the Las Vegas market is going strong and major networks like Fox wouldn’t bother to highlight the market if they thought otherwise.

Massi, who serves as a real estate legal analyst will offer advice to southern Nevada business owners and families who faced adversity during the real estate crisis. The first episode is said to be focused on the rebounding market.

Las Vegas Real Estate Show with Bob

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Las Vegas homes Sales Condos and TownhomesIn my last blog "Las Vegas Housing Market Surges Forward", I discussed the huge sales increase in the local market and how I hoped it was the start of a trend, rather than a one-time occurrence. The newly released data from the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors show that despite the major increase in March, even more homes were sold in April. While two months does not a trend make, it looks like the increase we saw in March wasn’t just a one-time outlier.

Las Vegas Homes Sales

The latest Las Vegas homes sales numbers show the average sale price for homes sold through the Multiple Listing Service was $212,568 – up 3.7% from $205,000 in March and 10.7% from twelve months ago. Condos and townhomes were $115,000 – unchanged from March, but up

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Las Vegas Housing Market Surges Forward - Homes, Condos and TownhomesMore good news for the Las Vegas housing market. Stability and low prices have been the theme for months, which is a welcomed sight after some turbulent times. For March, the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors (GLVAR) reported the median price of single family was $205,000, unchanged from February, but an increase of 5% from 12 months ago. The condominium and townhome market experienced a significant uptick coming in at $115,000, representing a 9.5% increase from last month and a 14% increase from one year ago.

In total, 3,358 Las Vegas homes, Las Vegas townhomes, and Las Vegas condominiums sold in southern Nevada compared to 2,452 in February, and up nearly 250 homes from this time last year. The percentage gains are staggering, with sales

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Three Southern Nevada Cities Named Best Places to Live Without a College Degree

best places to live without a college degree las vegas, henderson and north las vegasWhile obtaining a college degree is more important than ever, skyrocketing tuition costs and obscene levels of student loan debt are making many people question the benefits of a college degree given the amount of money it costs. But this is not a blog about the pros and cons of getting a college degree. I recently came upon an article on that ranked three southern Nevada cities in the top ten places to live without a college degree. The cities, along with their corresponding rankings included:

  • North Las Vegas (1)
  • Henderson (2)
  • Las Vegas (7, tied with Jacksonville, FL)

I’m not surprised three of our local communities made the list. The Las Vegas

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Buying vs Renting Homes In Las VegasBuying vs Renting Homes In Las Vegas? Traditionally, renting has been the more affordable option compared to buying. But things are changing as rent prices continue to soar. According to recent data released by Zillow, the aggregate amount of rent spent in 2014 by U.S. renters was a whopping $441 billion. Yes, that’s billion, with a B. That staggering total represents a nearly $21 billion dollar increase over last year.

Because renting has been less expensive than buying a house, those with lower incomes and poor credit scores would choose that route. In today’s Las Vegas market, that axiom no longer holds true. For many, buying is simply the more affordable choice compared to renting.

But why? It’s simple economics. When demand outpaces supply,

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I still can’t believe it has been almost eight years since the real estate market meltdown began in 2007. The local Las Vegas real estate market has come a long way since those dark days that affected so many individuals and families.

Buying a home in Las Vegas A few weeks ago I wrote about Las Vegas being named a Top 4 market for first time home buyers. Well, the good news continues, as Las Vegas is primed to be a great market for “bounce back buyers.” What are “bounce back buyers?” These are the folks that lost their homes during the recession, but are now rebuying a home in Las Vegas now that the seven-year time period it takes to typically repair credit has passed.

 Recent analytics released by RealtyTrac disclosed that the Las Vegas real estate market lost more homes to

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For many, the New Year represents a time to reflect on the previous 12 months and to establish new goals. If buying a home in Las Vegas is on your to-do list, 2015 may just be your year. A recent Zillow economic report predicted a breakthrough year for Las Vegas home buyers  - especially first time property owners.

The report cited key economic indicators including income data, home-value appreciation, and inventory, to rank the best markets for 2015. The published report ranked Las Vegas as the number four market for first time home buyers for 2015 – that’s a stark contrast to the previous few years as the market has had its share of turbulence and trouble.

 As a Top Realtor in Las Vegas who utilizes local data to best guide clients into making

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Las Vegas home prices for November, December and January are typically a very sluggish time in the Las Vegas real estate market. Real estate takes a back seat as people shift focus to the holidays to spend time with family and friends. But newly released data by the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors shows even the holidays couldn’t keep the market from moving forward.

In their monthly report, the median selling price for a home in the Las Vegas market increased to $204,000, that’s an uptick of 1.0% from November (the average price in November was $202,000). Looking back at this time last year, the $204,000 average selling price has increased 10.3 percent. In addition, the Vegas condominium market saw prices fall 5.8% to an average selling price

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